This project grew from a class project in John Walsh's S604 Digital Libraries at Indiana University's School of Information and Library Science. 

Because these objects were born digital, traditional the Dublin Core metadata fields available within Omeka were not sufficient. For this first pass at the project, I instead mapped the Survey Monkey questions asked of contributers to more expansive DC fields that covered the information I was inputting. Some metadata, as it comes from a survey and covers issues like frequency of alteration are not addressed by any digital object standards as of yet. In the Spring of 2013, I will construct an RDF that more adequately fits the entire scope of the history, content, and use of a Facebook Profile Picture.

Other future directions include the construction of data visualizations and the inclusion of a submission form on the site so that the process of addition to the archive is centralized.



Tassie Gniady wrote a dissertation on the monstrous female body in early modern England at the University of California-Santa Barbara before going back to school to get an MIS from Indiana University. She has worked as the project manager for the English Broadside Ballad Archive, as a mapping intern at IU’s Digital Library Program, and currently as the graduate assistant for the IQ-Wall at the Herman B. Wells Library. She is also a HASTAC Scholar for 2012-2013.

She is particularly interested in all things Digital Humanities, text-encoding, and data visualization. She has a not-so-secret crush on John Milton. Contact her at tassieg [at] gmail [dot] com.